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Mount Taranaki
and its circular national park

From: Ned
Sun Aug 21 16:05:50 -0700 2005
This entry serves well to show the poor topographic data Google has applied to the whole of New Zealand. In this case the beautiful mountain's profile from an oblique viewpoint is reduced to a lump, the "peak" of which does not coincide even approximately with the true summit.

From: racoon
Thu Jun 22 17:27:35 -0700 2006
Not sure where Mt Taranaki is, but you've labelled Mt Egmont. And its part of Taranaki, not just New Plymouth

From: tedder
Thu Jun 22 18:22:14 -0700 2006
wikipedia considers Mount Taranaki the authoritative name, the NZ placenames database lists both, but lists Taranaki first.



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