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Puente Euskalduna (Euskalduna bridge)
Note lavender pedestrian walkway.

From: krastosky
Wed Aug 24 10:21:32 -0700 2005
it´s the natural color of the bridge

From: TexasAndroid
Wed Aug 24 11:14:29 -0700 2005
It appears to me to be a pedestrian section of the bridge. Looking at both ends of the purple section, they appear to let out into other pedestrian area. Assuming this is true, then my guess would be that this is an awning/roof over the pedestrian part of the bridge.

From: tedder
Wed Aug 24 11:17:21 -0700 2005
but why only part of the bridge? certainly there is a reason.

From: tedder
Wed Aug 24 11:22:09 -0700 2005
heh, posted about the same time as Android.

From: zald
Wed Aug 24 14:15:55 -0700 2005
TexasAndroid is right, that lavender deck is a roof over the pedestrian part of the bridge.

The name of the bridge is "Puente Euskalduna" (Euskalduna bridge).

you take a look right here
Euskalduna bridge

From: zald
Wed Aug 24 14:34:07 -0700 2005
the photo is not very good, but is the only one that i have where you can see the roof.



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