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Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt
Concert and Congress Hall

From: tedder
Wed Aug 24 11:39:03 -0700 2005
is this really a "congress hall" or a convention hall? I'm wondering if the translation is weird.

From: barbatus
Thu Aug 25 03:55:28 -0700 2005
It means, literally, the 'Centennial Hall.' According to its official site (http://www.jahrhunderthalle.de/), it's a concert hall.

From: barbatus
Thu Aug 25 03:59:27 -0700 2005
Oh, haven't noticed this link's already there. The site is in German only, but English info could be found on the Frankfurt am Main page: http://kultur.inm.de/prs/WebObjects/portal.woa/2/wo/H0p0dEN9qMukn6ZbwP1bb...


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