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Village of Maslovo
Russian village and its church

From: barbatus
Thu Aug 25 16:37:12 -0700 2005
This is the village of Maslovo, Tula region. Strange that its church has survived (or has it been rebuilt after the collapse of Communism?). Very typical Russian village, with houses built loosely along a road, with ogorody or kitchen-gardens in rear, and narrow private fields farther behind. Bet those fields were not available for villagers after collectivization (the surrounding arable land probably still belongs to a kolkhoz, or 'collective farm'). Anyhow, it looks pretty mediaeval ... and the village itself is at the end of the road, which is probably not even paved.

From: barbatus
Thu Aug 25 16:41:49 -0700 2005
Sorry, Tver region, NOT Tula.

From: tedder
Thu Aug 25 18:14:45 -0700 2005


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