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UNKNOWN green goo
What is this? It is around various parts of England and Belguim. Is it the sea?
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From: geoffj5
Tue Feb 07 13:47:42 -0800 2006
Looks like it could match the seawood around that area?

From: a_cobb82
Tue Feb 07 21:55:50 -0800 2006
that or sediment. Or both. It's near pretty much every continent.

From: oldgit
Wed Jun 07 02:46:29 -0700 2006
I live at the top/centre of this picture, and I believe that the green indicates the shoals and shallows off the coast, ie the sea bottom, it is very shallow in places, I guess that the colur is due to the enhancement used. Off Southend you can actually see the sand showing yellow. Hope this helps.


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