Kings Cross
Famous for nightlife and the girls on the avenue.

From: tedder
Wed Sep 07 11:11:22 -0700 2005
"girls on the avenue" .. would this be working girls (prostitutes), or just a popular area with the youth?

From: barbatus
Wed Sep 07 19:36:26 -0700 2005
Just out of curiosity: do you see any girls, streetwalkers or otherwise, there?

From: Shadrack
Fri Sep 09 06:21:25 -0700 2005
The "girls on the avenue" are very real. They are "working girls" who have been part of Kings Cross for over forty years. They are just one part of the night life of "The Cross", which includes live shows, strip joints, sex shops, drugs and booze. Come on over and visit....... ;-)


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