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Mather Airport
what is the taxiway on the right side used for?

From: Ravendark54
Fri Sep 09 17:00:44 -0700 2005
What I think your seeing as a taxi way is probably a service road. If its not almost perfectly straight, it's not a taxi way.

My dad picked up pieces of the famous B-52 crash here in 1983.

From: tedder
Fri Sep 09 17:57:20 -0700 2005
I'm talking about the concrete mini-runway that extends to the right at about a 45 degree angle from the runway. Here's a map of what I am talking about.

From: Ravendark54
Fri Sep 09 18:06:36 -0700 2005
Not sure exactly, could be a staging area for scrambling aircraft. I'll check with my dad, see if it was there in '83 and if he knows what its for.

From: Ravendark54
Tue Sep 13 16:44:13 -0700 2005
Heh, I did't get a hold of my dad, but I did find looking here that this little taxi way area is infact a staging area for aircraft needing to get into the air fast. Didn't realize it would have been that easy XD

From: desiree
Fri Jan 28 11:11:24 -0800 2011
The area you are seeing is the alert parking area. Aircraft were parked there 24/7 prepared for immediate taxi and takeoff in the event of an incoming hostile action. Alert facilities are always located at the end of the runway to facilitate quick access to the runway for immediate departure.

From: desiree
Fri Jan 28 11:14:02 -0800 2011
If you zoom in on that area at the top you will see a building right next to that concrete area. The parking area is called the christmas tree. The building at the top is the alert facility where the crews stayed while on alert duty.

From: Sailor Dude
Thu Dec 29 16:23:56 -0800 2011
While getting my Pilots license in 1967, I flew over Mather AFB and took a picture on top that shows some B-52's and C-141's plus some others. It was a 35 mm slide that I scanned to my computer. I flew out of there in May in a Cessna and did nor recognize the place.If anyone is interested in seeing it, my e-mail is; thomasohlrich@frontiernet.net


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