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Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base
tons of helicopters- can anyone ID?

From: sean9838
Fri Oct 07 22:34:34 -0700 2005
The twin bladed helos are ch-47 chinooks...the larger helos w/ the blades being the most visable are ch-53. thats all i can make out.

From: sean9838
Fri Oct 07 22:36:23 -0700 2005
Also...can barely make out AH-1 Cobras on the flight line.

From: philwjan
Tue Oct 11 01:02:35 -0700 2005
Could the single one in the north of the apron, left next to that structure with a bright roof, be an Osprey?

From: sean9838
Tue Oct 11 15:49:29 -0700 2005
Yes...the lone aircraft next to the hanger w/ the blacktop ramp is a V-22 Osprey.

From: 0341teufelhund
Sun Jun 04 16:19:24 -0700 2006
the twin rotors belong to ch46 sea knights, Marines do not fly chinooks ( they do look alike but the chinook is bigger).


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