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Spruce Creek Fly-In Community
John Travolta's former Fly-In home
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From: tedder
Thu Sep 15 17:22:03 -0700 2005
Note the secondary paths to the houses for the planes, so they aren't "driving" them to the hangars on public streets. It means there are roads everywhere, but there are two unique sets.

From: pepepotamo
Sun Feb 17 16:07:57 -0800 2008
Learn more about the Spruce Creek Fly-in community at http://www.7fl6.com and htp://www.sprucecreekfly-in.com

The Spruce Creek Fly-in is the world's largest and most famous residential airpark.

From: pepepotamo
Sun Feb 17 16:09:57 -0800 2008
Visit the Spruce Creek Fly-in!

From: Alan
Tue Feb 19 10:30:34 -0800 2008
If you zoom in an scroll around the neighborhood, you can see airplanes driving on the street and sitting in driveways. Notice how all of the street intersections are large and angled for planes to turn.

From: pepepotamo
Sat Mar 22 14:57:39 -0700 2008
Spruce Creek Journal Latest News about the Spruce Creek Fly-in Community, calendar of events, photos and more.

From: sprucecreekflyin
Mon Jul 05 18:00:09 -0700 2010
Spruce Creek Fly-In is a unique community, with a private 4000' paved and lighted runway and championship golf course. Visit our site at: www.cc-properties.com


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