UNKNOWN pair of conical shaped protrusions
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From: Shadrack
Mon Oct 31 04:49:08 -0800 2005
I like what I see! How big are they?

From: tedder
Mon Oct 31 10:24:10 -0800 2005
I don't know- but I think they are real.

From: Ravendark54
Mon Oct 31 21:10:09 -0800 2005
I know what they are....the image isn't really a sat image..its a close up of Madonna's chest burried in the sand at a beach.

Just kidding BTW

From: NickTheBatMan
Thu Nov 03 12:28:10 -0800 2005
If you look at the image on Google Earth, it shows that they're not that high above the surrounding land - about 150 feet...


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