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McDonnell Douglas Facility
From the very little info out there, this site was last used for the Delta IV rocket program
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From: Bokchoi Cowboy
Mon Sep 19 11:18:29 -0700 2005
In the view shown here, these are some of the administrative and assembly buildings that were once part of the Douglas Rancho Cordova Facility, which is innactive as far as rocket test or manufacturing. The activity seen around these buildings is by current unknown tennant.

If you go to http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=38.571471,-121.216149&spn=0.004088,0.007318&t=k&hl=en

you will see the actual test stands used for the programs built and tested here.

This site has been discovered to have polluted the groundwater in the area with perchlorates and other VOC contaminants. The Aerojet Corp now owns the test stand area, and they as well as Douglas parent company Boeing have been mandated by the government to clean up this problem. More information in this PDF.

From: Ravendark54
Mon Sep 19 16:56:40 -0700 2005
Cool thynx for the added info. I tried to find info other than the pollution clean up info, but theres nothing out there. I guess that since these are just admin buildings.


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