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Tanker in Port Phillip Bay
Heading out.

From: Shadrack
Sat Aug 19 08:08:27 -0700 2006
Relax Richo, these images are updated from time to time and when this site was posted, there was a tanker right in the middle of the image. Any image of an object that can move (plane, boat, train and even crowds in stadiums can and do change) Many images are labelled as TRANSIENT. However this one was not.

From: Indy in Indiana
Sat Aug 19 18:27:08 -0700 2006
Ummmm..... Zoom out and look north.

From: Indy in Indiana
Sat Aug 19 18:35:48 -0700 2006
Sorry, make that EAST.

From: tedder
Sun Aug 20 10:08:04 -0700 2006
I deleted richo's (offensive) comment. I'll also update this entry to show the tanker to the east.

While we're at it, any ideas what this is? I'm guessing an oil rig; someone should research and submit it.


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