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North Hollywood shootout location.
The guys who attempted to rob this bank had the LAPD outgunned.
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From: tedder
Wed Oct 19 16:19:04 -0700 2005
Arguably, this event had more impact on modern police tactics than any other. It was the base of documentaries, movies, and a TV show, but mainly it caused SWAT to become what they are today in most US cities- and caused police to change how they arm themselves and how they respond to incidents.

From: Ravendark54
Wed Oct 19 21:36:43 -0700 2005
It also brought about big changes in how television news broadcasts events like this. People clammored over news execs when images of one robber blowing his brains out were televised as children were coming home followed by the other being shot several times by police. This is the first of many events that have made television censorship what it is today (that and Janet's breast)


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