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Love Canal
Site of a former neighborhood built on top of a toxic waste dump in the late 1950's

From: Ravendark54
Wed Oct 19 21:46:58 -0700 2005
That some spooky stuff. What gets me is the remains of the development that can be seen.

From: Bruce
Thu Oct 20 05:20:36 -0700 2005
I decided to search for this location after seeing a segment about Love Canal on the History Channel (or was it Discovery Channel?)... If you zoom in on the vertical green strip in the middle of the image you'll see a building with a row of 4 smaller structures just beneath it. According to the tv show they covered the entire site in a thick plastic sheet to catch rainwater which is redirected and drained to this building. There it's cleaned of any toxic materials that may have gotten into the rain water then pumped to a sewage treatment plant for more cleaning before it's released into the Niagara river.

From: kimchi
Wed Jan 25 22:28:26 -0800 2006
What's even spookier about this is that they're bringing people BACK into the neighborhood. Those homes you're seeing might not be remnants -- they might be new constructions. Also, some old timers refused to leave back in the 70's, but they were old then, so they're probably dead by now. Can't say what they died from. Anyway, their houses were never torn down. The gov't reimbursed the people who chose to move away, and all their houses were demolished.

From: pede88
Thu Apr 16 05:34:32 -0700 2009
I drove around this area in 1989 and there were people still living in random houses, indicated by random lights being on, the rest of the homes were boarded up.


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