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Location of The Station Nightclub
Site of a fire triggered by pyrotechnics during a heavy metal concert on 20 February 2003. 100 were killed in the stampede to escape.

From: Ravendark54
Wed Nov 09 03:37:37 -0800 2005
My dad's friend had tickets to the show and invited my dad to go with. My dad, having just pulled two 12hr shifts at work and was looking forward to a quite night declined. His friend decided he wouldn't go either since he didn't know anyone else going. My dad said he figured that given his choice in seating at concernts, he wouldn't have made it out.

From: thekongofcool
Mon May 14 23:54:01 -0700 2007
Just to clarify the picture (I was a tad confused myself); I believe 'the station' is the building on the north/top side of the street. It more closely resembles the layouts seen in these links - http://graphics.boston.com/images/daily/23/fire_site.gif


From: thekongofcool
Tue May 15 00:25:45 -0700 2007
Oops, I am standing corrected. It looks like the station was neither the building in the center of the frame or the one above. It actually appears to be the smaller building in the lower left corner, surrounded on 2 sides by trees. Told you I was confused!


From: cournoma
Wed Aug 29 13:00:44 -0700 2007
Yes the club is the building on the bottom left of the picture. Whoever captured the picture was not centered on the building. Instead they were centered on the car dealship next door. (As you can see by all the cars!) Interestingly and some what sad is that this picture is of the club BEFORE the fire. I live in the area. If you drive by now you will see a large number of memorials in a fenced in area. The building is completely gone. My mother was in the local hospital for surgery shortly after the fire. In the same ward of the hospital were some of the survivors of the fire. You don't hear much about them, but let me tell you judging by the burns I saw on some of them....well it was horrible and I am sure they will never forget what happened that night.

From: Ravendark54
Fri Feb 08 20:28:06 -0800 2013

Actual location.


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