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Tuxedo Royale - floating nightclub
Better seen in Google Earth.
Learn more at google.co.uk | Show nearby | Submitter: NickTheBatMan

From: NickTheBatMan
Sat Nov 19 13:42:21 -0800 2005
I find on viewing this in GE - which has better definition image than GM - that it's positioned in the wrong place, it should be at 5434'46.72"N & 5434'46.72"N that's slightly NW of where it's been put by the link you get from here

From: tedder
Mon Nov 21 20:52:25 -0800 2005
Hey nick- those coords aren't correct, you posted half of the coords :-) Email me the correct ones and I'll update.

From: NickTheBatMan
Thu Apr 20 12:54:33 -0700 2006
I now find that they've just moved it to make way for a major redevelopment, see http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/tees/4926414.stm

From: NickTheBatMan
Thu Apr 20 12:56:47 -0700 2006
Sorry Ted, just seen this about it being in the wrong place, hopefully this is now right ?


From: tedder
Thu Apr 20 14:31:54 -0700 2006
Cool, I'll update. In the future, you can send corrections through the "Report errors, bad data" link.


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