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ancient fortifications?
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From: sweto
Wed Nov 16 07:31:14 -0800 2005
Pretty cool story.... i think maybe

this is zsadany in romania not zsadany in hungary. [so?]

ancient legend is that attilas capital was at zsadany and the hungarian zsadanoids think its their town but...

zsadany in romania doesn't currently exist [cornesti] but on 1 obscurish 18th century map, zsandany is in romania at the site of this large city [3milesx2miles] which coincidently exactly matches the description of priscus, the only fellow who was actually there and left a description of his journey to and of the city.

coincidently, there is a blaringly obvious LARGE low tumulus outside timisoara, on the "steppe" just south of zsadany which i have seen with my own eyes from a car.

I am not really sure if anyone has made the connection but its a cool little story if this yarn i tell is true.


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