Mothballed cruise ship SS Independence
Former American Hawaii Cruises ship
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From: Bokchoi Cowboy
Wed Nov 30 06:48:03 -0800 2005

From: mensan
Sun Oct 22 23:31:41 -0700 2006
It's not a cruise ship, it's the U.S. Navy's USS Independence. There's no ship in that shot which ever had 2 stacks, and they all lack the large flat foredeck. Also, the US taxpayers don't pay to store a cruise line's old hardware.

From: Bokchoi Cowboy
Mon Oct 23 14:12:26 -0700 2006
Mensan, do you think that perhaps Google Maps updated their site? Since the original submission of this article, the ship was moved from Suisun Bay and docked first in San Francisco, then finally to the former Mare Island naval base at Vallejo, where it is still located.

This ship was indeed a cruise ship. You would know that if you bothered to check the "More Information..." link that is present on every posting on this site.

The ship had fallen on hard times due to financial problems of the owners prior to it's being acquired by NCL, who was to refurbish it for use as a "classic" cruise liner. I am unsure of the current ownership, but the ship is at least being conserved by the California Maritime Academy, who may take ownership to train students in the operations of cruise vessels.

The SS. Independence has never been property of the US Navy. You must be thinking of the USS Independence, which was a US Navy Forestal Class aircraft carrier, decomissioned in 1998. The SS (note the difference) Independence is not being supported by anyones taxes.

From: Ravendark54
Tue Oct 24 00:03:55 -0700 2006
Bokchoi, the ship is no longer at Mare Island. per the more info link's website: July 26, 2004: The SS INDEPENDENCE returned to San Francisco from Mare Island under tow. She was brought over to the Pier 70 complex before daybreak and is expected to remain berthed for some time. The reason for the move was a silting problem at Mare Island, where low tides found the ship resting on the mud, prompting NCL to arrange a minimum rental at a little used berth at the pier 70 complex. She will remain there for an indefinite period with no actual work scheduled.

Also mensan: That isn't the USS Independence. Before you post correction information, make sure the information you're providing is correct also. It creates confusion over who's right and who's not. Actually in the case, since it's obvious the post is no longer of the intended target, it probably would have been wiser still to click the report errors link. One last thing: if you think you're not paying for private vessels to sit here, check out the last row of ships in google earth.


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