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Tri-State Crematory - site of illegal body disposal

From: meekster
Wed Nov 30 07:54:30 -0800 2005
Crime in Progress?? Pure speculation but interesting to think about.

It seemed to me that the photo was probably taken prior to 2002, when the discovery of the bodies occured. The reason that I say this was because:
*doesn't look like much activity around the area(there would be plenty of vehicles and such around in an investigation of this sort)
*the pond was not drained for the investigation
*there were no investigators' tents put up (which can be seen in news photos)
*the buildings were still standing(they've since been torn down and the land has been "returned to nature").

Just an interesting observation that the crime was probably being committed(it occured over a 4 or 5 year period) at the time the plane flew over.


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