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Longhorn Downs Former Site
Got license in 1990, never finished building beyond this
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From: tedder
Sat Dec 10 20:28:31 -0800 2005
Does anyone have more information on this?

From: Silicon Sam
Sat Dec 10 21:49:09 -0800 2005
From what I can find on the net: Longhorn Downs, Inc., received a Class 2 horse racetrack license in 1989. The company originally planned to construct a $35 million facility in Round Mountain. In late 1999, the Commission was made aware of a proposed complete stock purchase by Austin Jockey Club, Ltd. That
change of ownership is awaiting Commission consideration, pending the completion of background checks by the Department of Public Safety.

I have a few ground based photos of the site I took a few weeks ago. Basically the track is all grown over, and the metal railing around the track are all that is there.


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