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Old Robert Mueller Airport

From: Silicon Sam
Fri Feb 10 19:51:14 -0800 2006
There has been lots of construction on this site since the image was taken. Many large buildings going up right on top of the runways.

From: a_cobb82
Fri Feb 10 21:32:37 -0800 2006
They're building a Childrens hospital. The I-35 access road no longer connects to Cameron Rd. You now drive east on Barbara Jordan Blvd. Which is kinda between those darker green lines. Then you make a left and hit 51st where that driveway is. The big church across the street changes color.

From: DivaBeast
Wed Aug 01 18:07:55 -0700 2007
it is now Dell Children's Hospital

From: GarrethWilcock
Thu May 26 07:10:18 -0700 2011
This is right up to the minute. The David Weekley Garden Homes that are under construction (one of my clients has one that is in framing right now) is right there by the control tower.

Garreth Homes At Mueller Austin


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