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Taum Sauk Reservoir
recently flooded man-made reservoir.

From: tedder
Sat Jan 14 18:53:26 -0800 2006
Information from Brian S:

It's the Taum Sauk Reservoir located southwest of St. Louis. This is a hydroelectric reservoir system that was built 30 years ago by exploding the top of a mountain and lining the crater, filling it with water and, well, you know, hydroelectrifying the entire area.

Unfortunately, last month the northwestern curve (about 600 feet of it) failed when the computer systems monitoring the 'fill-level' of the reservoir didn't indicate the correct (and now soon to be overflowing) levels of water.

The Johnson Shut-Ins and nearby Taum Sauk Camping Grounds were totally flooded. No one perished, although the park supervisor and his family were washed down river, ultimately to be found and recover from their harrowing early morning wake-up.

Pretty cool overhead view of what is now, mostly, no longer there.



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