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Field of Dreams movie site

From: cj
Mon Jan 23 13:01:42 -0800 2006
This baseball field is actually located off of
"Field of Dreams Way", I bet it was just a dirt road before the movie came out. :>


website of the same name..

From: tedder
Mon Jan 23 13:34:50 -0800 2006
That is 'field of dreams way'. Because of the data differences in google's map feeds, the entry listed as 'driveway' is really 'field of dreams way'.

From: dsb
Tue Feb 07 12:55:55 -0800 2006
Having visited the site twice, I think "Field of Dreams Way" is probably the 1/4mi-or-so drive that goes up to the baseball diamond, the souvenir stand, and the house. If so, I think it is that short north-south white line right in the middle of this satellite image location. And I think it was just their normal driveway before the film -- a lot of farms have long driveways like that.

Dyersville is to the southwest. You can see the road that comes from Dyersville; it's the one in the lower left that is going mostly east, then does a 90deg curve to the north. (If you continued north for about a mile and a half, the road then does another 90deg curve back to the east. You can see both the 90deg curves on the satellite map; these are, unfortunately, some of the most recognizable features on this view. But instead of continuing to that second curve...) Go north for a bit over a half mile, then turn east and go about another half mile, and then you can turn north into the "driveway" that I think must be the "Field of Dreams Way". Then again, it could be the road you're on just before that.

At the end of the film, you can see traffic (headlights) all the way out to Dyersville. You can see that curve and turnoff. Kevin built it; they came.


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