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Boat-shaped restaurant
uh, this boat isn't on water. Is it a real boat or a mockup? Does anyone know what the deal is?
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From: Silicon Sam
Mon Jan 23 17:14:36 -0800 2006
From Google Earth, it sure looks like a restaurant. The center part has a long ramp on either side, leading up to the middle. A few benches in the front, and what looks to be numerous tables and chairs on the upper deck, around the two "smokestacks". It is 337 feet long, according to GE.

From: Silicon Sam
Mon Jan 23 17:33:28 -0800 2006
Did some Googling, and it's looks to be the beachouse at North Avenue Beach. Has a gift shop, rest rooms, a restaurant, etc....

From: Philip
Sat Apr 29 02:13:17 -0700 2006
Silicon Sam Was correct! It's a restaurant. Well sort of a beach/lounge restaurant. Great place in the summer to get your drinks and food in the hot Chicago sun.

From: tedder
Sat Apr 29 08:19:06 -0700 2006
what's the name of it, Philip?

From: Silicon Sam
Sat Apr 29 11:46:49 -0700 2006
Apparently North Avenue Beach House. Here's a website:


From: emiliabedilia
Fri Sep 01 17:48:08 -0700 2006
yeah that is a restaurant type thing at north ave. beach in chicago! i go there ALL the time!!

From: richielaw62
Thu Mar 20 07:17:18 -0700 2008
The other commentators are correct. It is a replica of a boat. It's been a part of Chicago's North Avenue Beach for decades and was, basically, torn down and rebuilt in the configuration as it is today. Then, it was merely a "bath house" for bathers to clean off the beach sand. Now, it is the same plus it offers restaurant services during the summer months, from Memorial Day to Labor Day.


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