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UNKNOWN: Flying car?
It has the appearance and size of a car, but is appearing off the ground...
Learn more at theregister.co.uk | Show nearby | Submitter: Ravendark54

From: Ravendark54
Thu Jan 26 18:15:25 -0800 2006
To see it better, look in google earth.

From: thefoxboy
Mon Feb 19 17:18:44 -0800 2007
Please explain!

From: pete592
Mon Feb 19 20:54:54 -0800 2007
"Unknown" is right, but in my case, "unseen" also applies.

From: teather
Mon Feb 19 20:56:14 -0800 2007
The "flying car" is no longer here. Click the learn more button to see what it looked like.

From: Cora
Wed Mar 11 14:48:50 -0700 2009
This is a sand bank across the Swan River at a place called Point Walter - a lovely place to laze about at and v nice cafe as well


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