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City of Mulheim
Mulheim, the charming town at river Ruhr
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From: tedder
Thu Jan 26 14:34:32 -0800 2006
is this really part of Cologne?

From: Rubber Parts
Sun Jan 29 03:52:34 -0800 2006
Ref :
Question from tedder, 2006-01-26 14:34:32 :
is this really part of Cologne?

Answer :
Dear tedder,
No. Indeed, one district of Cologne is also called Mulheim (Mülheim with diacritics).
But our placemark is about the city Mulheim at river Ruhr
(In german : Mülheim an der Ruhr), which you find between the cities of Duisburg, Oberhausen and Essen. This our city is about 35 km north of Dusseldorf.
For more details about our hometown you may check at :
Muelheim, and
Muelheim at Wikipedia , and
Official Website of Muelheim an der Ruhr, Germany
Best Regards, Uli from Germany
Rubber Parts


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