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Runway incursion on RWY 6R at Ted Stevens Airport?
Looks like one jet is starting the takeoff roll before the landing jet has cleared the runway
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From: RudeboyAK
Mon Feb 13 08:15:21 -0800 2006
Actually that runway is only used for landings. The one just up from it is only used for takeoffs. By the traffic out there it looks like it was the mid-day rush. So they would have had planes landing in quick succession.

From: TexasAndroid
Mon Feb 13 12:38:48 -0800 2006
Hmm. I have to wonder if this is another example of the same plane captured multiple times but the camera as it passed overhead. We've seen several other examples of this in Dallas, Boston, and Atlanta (if I'm remembering the locations correctly). Zooming in on the two is not descisive either way for whether they are actually the same plane.

From: gene
Tue Feb 14 08:59:24 -0800 2006
Good point, it probably is the same plane. I was just looking at the image again and noticed a checker board pattern with the "white" squares having an image and the "black" squares haign the "can't zoom in" image.


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