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Hangar in a state of demolition?
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From: Ravendark54
Thu Feb 16 04:21:02 -0800 2006
I'd hope so...or else someone's got some explaining to do...

From: meekster
Mon Apr 03 07:40:33 -0700 2006
Found an Article on amarillo.com. Apparently this is hangar 4000 that was destroyed in 2001 by a chemical fire. The article:

City ready to clean up fire damage at hangar

By Jennifer Lutz

Almost six months after a fire claimed Hangar 4000 near the Amarillo International Airport, no cleanup work has been done.

"It looks like it did after the fire," Assistant City Manager Alan Taylor said. "It's not cleaned up yet, it's still sitting out there."

Only a few weeks ago did the city receive a $3.7 million insurance settlement check from Travelers Insurance.

City officials could not award a cleanup contract until they received the insurance money, Taylor said.

"We have never had a fire loss of this magnitude or really at all like this," he said. "I guess we just didn't realize it would take an insurance company so long to process what we thought was a simple claim."

In June, a fire destroyed Hangar 4000, the former site of Rainbow Metal Finishing, an Amarillo Economic Development Corp. company.

The building still housed drums of acid with toxic heavy metals and various bulk wastes.

The Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission required the city to clean a nearby ditch where some chemicals and water used to put out the fire mixed.

"They put the fire out with water and the water became contaminated with chemicals," said Brad Jones, regional TNRCC director. "The purpose was to make sure they didn't have any fire water that got loose."

City officials awarded a $118,000 contract to meet the requirements to clean the ditch, and the work was completed by December, Taylor said.

Taylor estimated it will cost the city $700,000 to $1 million to completely clean the building.

The structure will be demolished and the city hopes to have the space cleared by the start of the summer, Taylor said.

"The key is now getting the specs out for competitive bid," he said. "It's kind of a complicated deal since it's not only a large fire-damaged structure, but the structure has asbestos and chemical contamination."

The cause of the fire remains undetermined, Taylor said.

"We're just looking forward to finally getting it cleaned up," he said.


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