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Chinaman's Hat
Note the airplane off to the right

From: cj
Wed Mar 01 11:02:14 -0800 2006
IS that the actual name of the island? Not very PC.. heh

From: teather
Wed Mar 01 15:29:30 -0800 2006
It IS the actual name. There is a Hawaiian ledgend behind the name. It tells, I think, of a gaint China man who laid down in the water to sleep. And he is suppose to wake up some day. That's of course not the whole story.

From: teather
Tue Aug 28 20:22:57 -0700 2007
How crappy!! This use to be in high-res!! What the hell is up with that?

From: pete592
Wed Aug 29 09:20:41 -0700 2007
It is bewildering. I posted a shot of an island being created in "The World", the man-made archipelago in Dubai. But shortly afterward, it was replaced by an older photo where the island does not yet exist.


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