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Shaybah GOSP-2
Gas-oil seperation plant

From: Mark
Thu Mar 09 17:05:30 -0800 2006
This is not a refinery but a gas-oil separation plant or "GOSP". Specifically the Shaybah GOSP-2.

This is an intermediate facility that takes the material from the wells and conditions it prior to transportation via pipeline to the refinery where the finished products are made.

The lack of storage tanks was the give away. There are only a few small tanks, most likely to store fuel for use within the plant itself.

From: tedder
Thu Mar 09 21:02:59 -0800 2006
thanks! I'll update.


From: Arcana
Fri Mar 10 10:36:07 -0800 2006
Awesome, thanks for the correction...I posted the oil refinery name based on google searches which didn't really give much.


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