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The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) Headquarters
Featured on the Sci-Fi Channel show Ghost Hunters
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From: mike
Sat Feb 17 20:55:55 -0800 2007
My family loves your show when it airs on the Sci-Fi channel. We have noticed that it hasn't been on and you haven't had any new shows on lately. When are you going to have some new ones on?
mike prater
Ekron, Kentucky

From: Indy in Indiana
Tue Feb 20 10:30:56 -0800 2007
Thanks for your interest Mike. We have been filming in Eastern Europe. We are having visa problems and are currently detained in the fine counrty or Kerplacistan. It's been 2 long years, but hope to be out soon. Look for last season on DVD October 18th, just in time for Halloween!

From: CatsMeowD
Wed Jun 13 21:40:01 -0700 2007
I really like watching your show. I do believe in the paranormal and I think that it is great the way that you approach the paranormal from the scientific view. I have had some personal paranormal experiences myself in the house that I live in right now and I am hoping that the house that I'm moving to will also be active. When I get my new digital camara and if I get any evidence of any thing I will send you a pic, to see what you guys think.

From: guy
Fri Aug 10 23:44:42 -0700 2007
Have you ever thought about investigating the Goldfield Hotel in Goldfield, Nevada? I had the opportunity of going in there in 2001 and it's a very unique place. It was also featured on Sci-Fi as Ghost Adventures. These guys got a brick being thrown on film, also a 2x4 lifting and tossed with no one there. Also voices on recorder.
You should see if you can get in there.

Guy Fuson

From: Beth~
Thu Nov 22 07:08:16 -0800 2007
Hello, I know many comments may get overlooked, however, I am very curious to know if TAPS has looked into investigating the Goldfield Hotel in Nevada? I am sure the TAPS investigators are familiar with the happenings there. I would give anything to see what the TAPS team could uncover there.


From: brittany
Sat Jan 05 13:00:37 -0800 2008
hi! i love watching your show! i am 12 years old. i hope that one day i can be a TAPS investigator as well. That is why I want to go to the Community College of Rhode Island and study psychology classes so that I can learn to be an investigator as well. I love you guys! Thanks so much.

From: CHanssen
Thu Feb 25 15:53:35 -0800 2010
So is that the current ariel view where TAPS is? Where in the picture is the current office?

From: crack corn
Thu Mar 01 07:10:48 -0800 2012
I can't wait until Wednesdays here to watch Ghost Hunters. I really hated to see Grant retire he is so good at this. I have watched almost all your shows and really liked it when Meat Loaf was on 2 shows. He is good and not afraid of anything. Sure would like to see him again. Keep putting out great episodes.



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