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Derelict Amusement Rides of Chernobyl
Rusted artifacts lie in ruin at the ghost town of Prypiat, a short distance northwest of the reactor.
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From: cj
Thu May 04 10:18:53 -0700 2006
see closeup pics here from website


From: pete592
Thu May 04 11:54:42 -0700 2006
CJ, funny you should mention it. That's where I first saw pictures of the ferris wheel and the trashed bumper cars.

One thing that still intrigues me about Elena's website is the debate over whether her motorcyle rides into the dead zone really happened or if she was part of a guided tour group.

From: tedder
Thu May 04 13:58:57 -0700 2006
I highly doubt she rode through there. Most likely she had a helmet and took pictures of the helmet in those spots.

From: Szitya
Mon May 15 07:32:55 -0700 2006
Pripyat in Wikipedia

From: maier540
Tue May 23 23:30:14 -0700 2006


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