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Badly Designed Flood Basin
The designers must not have drawn this thing out on paper. See the 'more info' link.
Learn more at dmregister.com | Show nearby | Submitter: Ravendark54

From: Rayne
Mon Jun 12 18:42:02 -0700 2006
OH boy! lol

From: pete592
Tue Jun 13 11:34:40 -0700 2006
The 'aerial photo' on the Des Moines Register site does, in fact, reveal a landmark whose shape will surely titillate purveyors of sophomoric toilet humor.

But in my opinion, what we see in Google Earth just doesn't amount to much. It's too bad actually. Has this place become overgrown with grass or something? Was the Register photo taken during construction?

From: Alan
Wed Jun 14 05:21:00 -0700 2006
I don't get it. What, exactly, is interesting in this photo? And where is the "more info." link?

From: geeenius
Wed Jun 14 07:20:20 -0700 2006
Click on the "Learn more at dmregister" link. The picture does not show the actual "interesting" part very well.

From: Ravendark54
Wed Jun 14 09:18:23 -0700 2006
Yeah this is one of those posts where the interesting spot is more clearly identified by the "more info" link.

From: crby35
Tue Feb 26 14:58:43 -0800 2008
HAHA. It's shaped like a penis.

From: Alan
Wed Feb 27 22:03:34 -0800 2008
No it doesn't; it looks more like a melting Oklahoma than a penis.
For those of us whose minds are not in the gutter, is there something interesting we're supposed to be seeing here? (I clicked on the link, but is just says Page not Found.)

From: Sub Girl
Thu Feb 28 11:48:13 -0800 2008
Dude, it totally looks like a penis. And a melting Oklahoma. You don't really have to have you mind in a gutter to see it.


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