Former location Naval Training Center Orlando
Currently being developed as Baldwin park but there was a time when this huge field- affectionatly known as the Grinder- held hundreds of recruits being cycled for one infraction or another.

From: kizzfrk
Fri Aug 31 17:08:00 -0700 2007
I am a former Recruit of the "Former Naval Station Training center in Orlando (Winter Park) Florida. I Attended in 1981. I was shocked to see that it's Gone. Please, I Have 2 favors to ask. 1. It was not a place for PUNISHMENT (infraction as stated). It was normal Basic 8 week boot camp just like U.S. Naval Recruit basic training command Great Lakes" or the same in San Diego, Califorinia. I recieved my 8 week basic training in Orlando with no INFRACTIONS!!! Please CORRECT this ERROR For a U.S. Serviceman. it's an embarrassment!!
2. is there any way to outline where the boundries of the base were? thanks.
Earl L. Hayes III

From: Contentdawggg
Wed Apr 22 08:03:59 -0700 2009
As a graduate of RTC Orlando, also in 1981, I can attest that the GRINDER was not used as punishment per se. It was where recruits learned how to march, and then if not done correctly, you may be doing some pushups. Orlando in July and August is a hot place and the asphalt even more so. But the " punishment" was both 2 hour ( mini) and 4 hour " motivational" tours conducted in front of the barracks on the quad. If there is any of my old shipmates from RTC Orlando ( Started boot Camp on 22 July 81, MMC Robinson and OS1 Conners were the Co. Cammanders ) out there, drop me a note. Look forward to hearing from ya.

From: sprhrntcdr
Tue May 25 20:33:03 -0700 2010
My Navy Career Started at RTC Orlando, I remember the Month of June and into July 1980 quite warm, and to a Young 18 year old the Military was a wake up. I never regret having joined the Navy. I had the Opportunity to later move up to the Commisioned Ranks, and be rewarded with the opportunity to Fly the Best Fighter and Strike/Fighter jets in the World. After a 27 year Career as a Naval Aviator and Having Retired as a Captain, I would do it all over again. I made countless friends over the years, seen many move up the ranks, and experienced the loss of Dedicated Individuals in the line of their duties. I Salute to all having served before me those still serving and those who one day wil serve in the U.S. Armed Forces.

From: vincek
Thu Jun 21 09:43:13 -0700 2012
Co 429, 1975 - As much as we may have disliked things in boot camp, I can say some of my best memories come from boot camp. Still friends with a couple. Sad to see it go but some people thought it wasn't needed any longer.

From: Will001
Tue Jun 26 12:08:21 -0700 2012
Went thru in June 82 company 188 w/ Senior Chief Laflour. Here for my daughters volleyball tourney. Driving around looking for the place, haven't been here in 30 years. Still remember someone yelling at me for stepping on his bright work and didn't know what it meant. Still fold my skivvies thin, thick, thick, thin. Great memories.

From: bigronfh
Fri Sep 21 21:58:49 -0700 2012
Was in Co. 162 in June - July, 1982. Contracted meningitis & spent 4 weeks in base hospital. Anybody else from that unit, please contact me.

From: artmidwife
Sat Mar 30 00:27:32 -0700 2013
I went through here in April 1973. Ours was the 31st company of women. I was on the drill team and performed at two graduations before my own. It was hot as hell in April and May, I can't even imagine August. If we maintained a certain gpa we got to go to Disneyworld. We did, however, have to wear our uniform. Our company had 2 of the most insane company commanders. They did "tear ups" of the barracks while we were in class. We would come home to koolaid on the grout, orange wax drawings on the painted cinder block walls. But I do have memories of the music.....Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree, getting a "V" shaped tan line from the garrison cap, and the friends. It was a scary time and I made it through. I am so sad to see the place disappearing.

From: DOC
Mon Sep 29 11:22:49 -0700 2014
Boot Camp...3012..oct was cold at 0crack30 in the morning..will never forget it...most girls cried..but it was a new road for me..we had male and female CC..sailor sailor dont be blue...Frankenstein was ugly too..U- g- l- y


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