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Riverboat Discovery
Sightseeing boat in Fairbanks. Riverboat's dock is made of left-over parts from the Alaskan oil pipeline.

From: texastuff
Mon Sep 10 10:44:58 -0700 2007
We were in Fairbanks in August, '07...found a house that is for sale (directly across from the Riverboat dock). We couldn't stay to get info...is there any place I might acquire the information. There is also a couple more in the area....can you help me? I want to move to Alaska so very much!!!! I know, I'm a native Texan...will always be a Texan...but I can take the "ribbing" and the "slams" that will be handed out. Alaska is "one of the best places" to live...and I hate hot weather! HELP ? Thanks.


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