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Wagga Wagga Airport
Former RAAF Base now a commercial airport

From: ahennell
Sun Jul 30 03:03:53 -0700 2006
"fomer" RAAF base?

RAAF Forest Hill is still very much alive and well, and expanding. It is home to a range of training programs for both Air Force and Navy personnel.

The commercial aspect of it is restricted to the small cluster of buildings at the top left of the main taxiway. everything else to the right of the taxiway is RAAF and restricted.

From: Shadrack
Sun Jul 30 04:14:50 -0700 2006
My understanding of the Wagga Wagga airport is that the commercial interests have leased part of the facilities (terminal and runway) and that there is a separate Royal Australian Air Force base at Forest Hill, this is the tri-service (RAN/Army/RAAF) electronic trades school. Royal Australian Navy personnel are also based at RAAF Base Wagga.

Can "ahennell" let us know if any RAAF planes fly out of Forrest Hill these days. It has been over 40 years since I visited this base.

From: irdeano
Sat Apr 14 17:11:49 -0700 2007
yes RAAF aircraft still do use this base. i was there at christmas (2006) and seen a couple of C-130's fly out of there.
but for the main part it's no longer used for flying training and is used as a trade school. My dad was based here in the early eighties and i was born at wagga wagga base hospital.
i've seen photos from world war 2 of lines of aircraft parked up at RAAF Forest Hill along side the runway.


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