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The Body Farm
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From: Silicon Sam
Thu Jul 06 23:46:56 -0700 2006
It appears the link is centered on the University, not of the Body Farm itself. It's in a field behind the University, several areas look like it could be it. Either NW or SE are suitable areas.

From: Silicon Sam
Thu Jul 06 23:51:45 -0700 2006
I have seen it on TV before, it's in a wooded area, so that would make it SE to ESE or due North. Looks like a bunch of digging at NW or NNW as well, but it's cleared land, probably past graves or just ones in the open. They tend to want to simulate different scenarious, like open fields, wooded areas, etc...

From: moorecook
Thu Oct 21 17:40:11 -0700 2010
The Farm is right behind the hospital, behind the last parking lot on the edge of the river. You can see the fence if you zoom in. The Ag farm in right across the river. It's realativly close to cars in the parking lot and through a wooded area are the new condos.


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