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The United Nations Humanitarian Response Depot (UNHRD) is a network of depots around the world that stores, manages and transports emergency items for humanitarian organisations.

By prepositioning these items, UN agencies, NGOs and governments can respond faster and more efficiently to people in need and disasters.

The depots are strategically located near disaster-prone areas; Accra (Ghana), Dubai (UAE), Subang (Malaysia), Panama City (Panama), Las Palmas (Spain), and Brindisi (Italy).

Emergency supplies are stored in all locations, ready to be deployed within 48 hours of an emergency.

The depots hold emergency relief goods such as medical kits, shelter items, ready-to-use food, IT equipment and operational support assets which are all designed to support emergency preparedness and response.

Currently, the UNHRD Network has 61 partners.


UNHRD was established under the United Nations Reform to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of humanitarian assistance, with the specific mandate to ‘assist the population living in countries affected by natural disasters or complex emergencies, through a prepositioning of relief and survival items and their rapid demobilization to the affected countries.’ In 2000, the World Food Programme (WFP) was assigned the operation and management of this common service by the UN.


When Governments, UN agencies and NGOs look to respond quickly and efficiently to a disaster, they call on emergency supplies that are immediately available in UNHRD warehouses. By prepositioning relief items, the humanitarian community can support affected people at the very beginning of an emergency, often saving lives within the first 24 – 48 hours.


In 2013, the UNHRD Network managed a stockpile of approximately US$60 million worth of relief items and supported humanitarian operations in 90 countries, including emergencies in Syria, Mali, South Sudan, Central African Republic and the Philippines.

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