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Industry Logistics, Heavy Lifting Services, Heavy Transport Services, Plant Turnaround, Shutdown Management
Headquarters Schiedam, Netherlands
Key people
Jan Kleijn (CEO)
Owner SHV Holdings
Number of employees
3,200 (2009)

Mammoet is a privately held Dutch company specializing in the hoisting and transporting of heavy objects.


Mammoet loading one of its own cars after a job in Utrecht.
Mammoet Office Building in Schiedam

Mammoet was founded in 1973, specialised in heavy transport over water and roads. In 2001 it was taken over by Van Seumeren transport. The name Mammoet became the name for the new company. The daughter company Mammoet Shipping was sold to Spliethoff and was renamed BigLift Shipping. It raised the Russian submarine Kursk. The company is experienced in the offshore, petrochemical, and construction industries, the latter of which includes rapid bridge replacement[1] using Self Propelled Modular Transporter vehicles. Mammoet headquarters in Schiedam is located in a distinctive office building named De Bolder (= "The Bollard"). The building was fabricated in a factory and later shipped to the current location. This helped to save time and money. Mammoet has additional offices in North America, South America, South Africa, and Asia. The Director of Mammoet was Roderik van Seumeren. 75% of the shares are owned by SHV, the remaining part is held by the van Seumeren family. In 2011 all remaining stocks were sold to SHV, making SHV the sole owner of Mammoet. CEO Roderik van Seumeren left Mammoet right after and was succeeded by Jan Kleijn. Jan Kleijn used to run the American part of the Mammoet business.

Mammoet currently has approximately 3200 employees worldwide, of which approximately 850 are employed in the Netherlands. On October 18, 2008, Mammoet sponsored the NASCAR Craftsman Truck, #12 of J.R. Fitzpatrick at Martinsville Speedway.

"Mammoet" is Dutch for "mammoth".

Company parts[edit]

Mammoet consists of the following parts:

  • Mammoet Transport, heavy lifting and transport
  • Mammoet Salvage, maritime operations in open sea and ocean
  • Mammoet Merchandise, Mammoet merchandise products
  • Mammoet Workwear, Mammoet company clothing
  • Mammoet Trading, Mammoet Equipment for sale
  • Mammoet Wind, Logistic, Transport and Installation of Wind Turbines


Two (former) daughters of Mammoet use a similar logo:

  • Mammoet Road Cargo, heavy and special road transport
  • Mammoet Ferry Transport, transport company between UK and continental Europe

Mammoet Ferry Transport was a unit of Mammoet until 2000. After a management buy-out it became an independent company. Mammoet Road Cargo also used to be part of the Mammoet holding, but is now only 10% owned by Mammoet.

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