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The Scientific-Industrial Centre of Professional Electronics RADWAR SA is one of the biggest factories in the Polish defense industry. It has existed since 1954. In September 2002 the Company was incorporated in the BUMAR Capital Group. Currently, its staff numbers almost two thousand employees.

RADWAR's offer includes:
  • Radar systems
  • Command & control systems
  • AA artillery and missile systems
  • IFF systems
  • Information security facilities
  • Battlefield equipment
  • Crisis management systems
  • System integration
  • Road traffic monitoring systems
  • Upgrade of special-purpose products

Besides the Polish Army - the Police and Border Guard are RADWAR's customers. RADWAR's equipment is also used in the armed forces of many countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.
For years RADWAR has been collaborating with many scientific-research centers - both domestic and foreign. The Company takes active part in multinational projects, including large NATO programmes and offset accomplishment.
RADWAR products are highly valued by their users, they were awarded many times at various fairs or exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Among the lot of prizes awarded, as many as 8 "Defenders" and "Grand Prix" won at the Kielce International Defense Industry Exhibition - the world's well known military equipment exhibition - should be mentioned.
The Company continuously modernizes its engineering and production capabilities. It is possible thanks to the experienced management team, the engineering personnel employed in the Research & Development Division and the qualified staff in the production divisions.
The high quality of RADWAR's products has been acknowledged with quality certificates - both civilian and military (ISO-9001 and AQAP-2110 respectively), as well as NATO Commercial and Government Entity status (NCAGE 0226H is our NATO supplier code). The Company is licensed to produce and sell weaponry and ammunition.


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