The original plan

The 1.800 km circuit which was actually built in 1972

Autodromo Riccardo Paletti
43100 Parma - Via Emilia Est, 13

Tel: 0521 242820     Fax: 0521 240681

43040 Varano de' Melegari
Spezzano 41040

Tel: (39) 59843974

The circuit was opened officially on the 26th March 1972 as a 1.800km circuit. During the winter of 2001/2002 a new extension was built, opened on the 22nd February 2002 (shown below). It features a longer 2.375km circuit (the Ickx Corner being modified to form the Ickx Chicane) and a 500m test ring, the Anello Prove, which is formed by the top right part of the track and a linking section.