Wujek Coal Mine

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The Wujek Coal Mine

Wujek Coal Mine (Polish: Kopalnia Wujek) is a coal mine in Katowice, Poland. It is widely known in Poland as the place of the massacre of striking miners in 1981 (most often referred to by the euphemism 'Pacification').

Mining operations began in the vicinity as early as the 16th century. The present mine, Oheim, was established in 1899 by a merger of six mining operations existing in Silesia (then a part of Germany). The peak Polish production was in 1979 (3.88 million tons that year).

Currently, the Wujek mine produces sub-bituminous coal with a typical energy content of 30000-35000 kJ/kg, volatile content of 30-31%, ash content of less than 5%, and sulfur content of less than 0.6%.

The name "Wujek" means "Uncle" in Polish.


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Coordinates: 50°14′41.19″N 18°59′16.57″E / 50.2447750°N 18.9879361°E / 50.2447750; 18.9879361