Great Wall of China - Jiayuguan Pass
A magnificent Ming Dynasty fortress, the first pass at the west end of the Great Wall.

From: pete592
Fri Jul 21 22:02:45 -0700 2006
Sam Li has some great pictures of Jiayuguan Pass here:

From: pete592
Fri Jul 21 22:14:47 -0700 2006
I think it's time for me to catch up on some much needed sleep that I have deprived myself of during my Great Wall quest.

I hope I've inspired some other explorers to seek out more of the Great Wall.

From: AndreaBT
Sun Jul 23 12:31:08 -0700 2006
I just don't know how you FIND these! China in Google Earth seems to be a vast area of low-res images. And I know you didn't find that map from Nat'l Geo. until after you'd already found a few. You must have great patience to search these out. Yes, go get some sleep!


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