3 Explosions with Craters Nearby
Within half a kilometre of dwellings. Any thoughts on this? This villiage is very close to the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center.
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From: Ravendark54
Tue Jul 25 01:21:54 -0700 2006
While they do look extremely like explosions, but thgere's similar shapped and colored objects in random locations in the fields to the west, leading me to believe these aren't explosions caught by the lucky lense of an over head camera, but trees.

As for the craters, some resemble craters while others seem to me made for storage of something. The ones nearest the vilage to the north have ditches attached to the side of the crater.

From: Shadrack
Wed Jul 26 06:58:07 -0700 2006
Alas Ravendark54, I think you are right and I am guilty of looking too locally and not far enough afield to spot the "other trees that look like explosions". What a pity, I thought I had a fabulous find and had found a moment captured in time. Bugger!

From: tedder
Wed Jul 26 08:11:21 -0700 2006
so, are we in agreement that they are trees? Should I delete the entry, or what?

From: AndreaBT
Wed Jul 26 10:00:07 -0700 2006
Just my opinion, but I think the picture may be worth keeping because the shadows look unusual. I've seen this before here with images of airplanes in flight, but I still can't figure out why the shadows look so odd...almost colorful.

From: Shadrack
Wed Jul 26 15:15:18 -0700 2006
Have you considered the other possibility Ted, "that the trees are exploding" ;--)

From: Indy in Indiana
Wed Aug 09 18:33:39 -0700 2006
The color behind the trees (I believe) is either snow or frost on the ground. The long shadows means it is either really early (most likely) or very late in the day. If you pull back a couple of notches, you will notice the white color is only in the shadows. Being in Indiana, I see a lot of this in the morning when the sun comes up. The frost doen't melt in the shadows if it is below freezing. Only when the sun hits it.

From: AndreaBT
Wed Aug 09 20:10:07 -0700 2006
Yeah, I'll buy that (I'm from Indiana too, but without zooming out a bit, I still wouldn't have thought of it!).

I still can't figure out some of the odd airplane shadows though, in other images here. Those couldn't possibly be frost or snow!


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