4 aeroplanes in a weird concentric circle arrangement.
Check this out! What is going on here? Any ideas?

From: AndreaBT
Tue Jul 25 06:32:01 -0700 2006
Because of all the other oddities nearby (which you've also posted) I'm thinking some sort of military base. No idea what all the weird markings and patterns are for though.

How did you run across all these in the first place? I'm fairly new to this site, but I'm amazed at all the things people have found seemingly in the middle of nowhere!

From: pete592
Tue Jul 25 08:09:17 -0700 2006
Man, this is weird. My wild guess would be some strange, Stonehenge-like kind of war memorial. But the location is absolute B.F.E. so it doesn't make any sense.

From: AndreaBT
Tue Jul 25 18:42:35 -0700 2006
I followed the "road" (tire tracks) west and found another set of buildings, probably related to everything else you found.

From: Shadrack
Wed Jul 26 06:52:54 -0700 2006
All of these strange findings are by chance. pete592 posted a map of the Great Wall nearby and I just went for a tour around the vicinity and just found all of them. There are many other "odd finds" to be loggged in the nearby region that I have been looking at. Have a search around this area and you will find a communications station to the northwest and other domed buildings that seem to be partially underground. There are many sites much further west that were and probably still are used for nuclear bomb testing. China is a mystery to the West and western logic counts for nothing when trying to fathom why and what is something in that location! Enjoy the sightseeing. I am.

From: Stalins Organ
Sun Oct 28 16:03:34 -0700 2007
Looks like they'er still there a year later!! They look like Chinese built Mig-19's - the Shenyang J-6. I would ahve thought they'd be set out as targets, but they don't seem to have obvious damage and the buildings around them neither. Is it anywhere near any known nuclear test sites??

I'd have 2nd guessed they're for maintenance and other ground training....but the place seems miles from anywhere & there's no reason to do so for training.

From: lartzen
Thu Dec 20 11:07:58 -0800 2007
Hi everybody i looked like hell to find any stuff around this cool place and i did!!If you zoom out a bit you will a big maze looking square and landing strips!!
Wonder what those chinese guys are up too!
cya all!


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