Brick Kilns

From: vanillatoast
Thu Sep 28 17:42:29 -0700 2006
Are you stupid or something?

If you zoom in, you can see that they are obviously Tylenol farms.

From: pete592
Thu Sep 28 23:48:24 -0700 2006
This is driving me nuts. I searched and searched for info on what these things are, but I couldn't find anything.

My best guess is that they have something to do with the cows that they love so much in India. Every one of them is located right next to an array of small buildings. Maybe these are stables of some kind and the ovals are elaborate corrals for the blessed sacred cows?

Here's an even more wild guess: Maybe these are places where they produce cow dung as a cash crop. After all, the Indians have found 1001 different uses for cow patties.

From: ddtjmcd
Mon Oct 02 12:28:27 -0700 2006
They're brick kilns.

From: tedder
Mon Oct 02 13:58:51 -0700 2006
Great discovery ddtjmcd. I will update the entry.

From: Mark
Mon Oct 02 15:41:24 -0700 2006
Thanks for the find. It looks like they're Bull's Trench Kilns.. Nice little diagram there showing the 'racetrack'.

From: pete592
Mon Oct 02 19:39:51 -0700 2006
Thank you dd! I have inner peace at last, LOL.

I was afraid that my cow dung theory was going to be way out there. Glad I didn't disappoint! LMAO.

From: pete592
Mon Oct 02 19:46:37 -0700 2006
Eureka! Mark's link states that fuels used to stoke the kilns often includes agricultural waste! There may well be a connection to cow patties after all! LOL.

From: ddtjmcd
Mon Oct 02 21:02:42 -0700 2006
Mark, you should use your link about the discription of the Bull's Trench Brick Kiln for your learn more link. It's a much better representation that what I have.

From: tedder
Tue Oct 03 06:02:26 -0700 2006
Mark's link will be the info link in a little bit. Good work guys.

From: Mark
Tue Oct 03 17:09:47 -0700 2006
They're all over the sub-continent.
Here's some in Pakistan,
Bangladesh (which actually appear to be working),
And Afghanistan (moveable stack type?)

From: tedder
Wed Oct 04 07:30:00 -0700 2006
Excellent Mark- feel free to submit those (or someone else can).



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