Landlocked Aircraft Carrier
A Russian Kuznetsov' class carrier. Not built to full scale.
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From: Ravendark54
Sat Nov 04 08:24:34 -0800 2006
I'm not sure what it is, but its not the Kuznetsov (the only ship of that class) From the image here:, the deck layout is different on the Kuznetsov. Whatever it is, its not a full scale model of any U.S. carrier of that deck design. Could be any carrier from Forrestal class through the Nimitz class.

From: pete592
Sat Nov 04 17:07:45 -0800 2006
It is, in fact, a Nimitz class replica. This is part of the Orient Green Boat theme park. The carrier is located in what is known as the "military education center" section of the park.

See pics and info on this page at Global Security:

From: pete592
Sat Nov 04 17:26:12 -0800 2006
China does have the Soviet carrier Minsk on dispay at the Minsk World theme park:,114.2361&spn=0.00756,0.007746&t=k

(I just submitted this to Ted for a site listing)

From: Shadrack
Sat Nov 04 19:03:24 -0800 2006
Nice research work "pete592" re Orient Green Boat theme park. I was aware of some of those details such as the "military education center", but not the name of the theme park. Thanks Shadrack.


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