TRANSIENT: Image header information
or one really elaborate crop circle
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From: SpyderMonkey
Wed Dec 27 15:18:14 -0800 2006
There's more of this near the ME/NH/QC tri-point. Can anyone decode them?

From: tedder
Wed Dec 27 16:13:49 -0800 2006
"49 USDA FSA 40 NAIP03 050". I'm guessing USDA is the US Department of Agriculture. Not sure on the rest.

From: joestegmaier
Thu Dec 28 07:08:48 -0800 2006
Zooming in closer, I can see
":49 USDA FSA 40 NAIP03 05038-87"

The smaller yellow tag says:
WILD 15/4 OA[...]
Nr. 13411 153,26[...]

USDA is the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
FSA is the Farm Service Agency.
Apparently they do aerial photography. Here's the website:

From: Bruce
Thu Dec 28 08:30:51 -0800 2006
NAIP apparently means "National Agricultural Imagery Program".

Acronymfinder is your friend!



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