The White House

From: rmilstead
Tue Aug 30 22:16:07 -0700 2005
scroll almost due east and look at the fuzzy area around the Capitol.

From: Bokchoi Cowboy
Wed Aug 31 10:51:32 -0700 2005
The erased rooftops of the Whitehouse and the fuzzy Capitol building only show in Google Maps. The versions in Google Earth are clear.

From: rpuerto
Wed Nov 16 16:47:51 -0800 2005
why this rooftops were erased???

From: Bruce
Wed Nov 16 19:45:18 -0800 2005
The roofs are blocked out because the US government requested that they be blocked out. Even before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks there have been rumors that there are defensive weapons (anti-aircraft missles, etc) and/or other high tech equipment on the roofs of the White House and other nearby buildings in order to protect them from attack. The US government doesn't want the whole world to have the ability to look at exactly what's up on those rooftops by simply looking in Google.

From: Silicon Sam
Sat Jan 07 13:09:54 -0800 2006
Several miles directly NE, there is a large circle that is blurred out also. Anyone know what that is? It's also blurred out in Google Earth, unlike the other spots, which is where I spotted it first.

From: Silicon Sam
Sat Jan 07 20:59:22 -0800 2006
That Large circle blurred out must be a Naval Obvseratory. At least that's what the maps say. Click on Hybrid to see that.

From: th7700
Tue Jan 10 06:51:39 -0800 2006
First off, the "fuzzy circle" is northwest, not northeast. It is the United States Naval Observatory, the residence of the Vice President. These buildings are obscured for the obvious reason of national security.

From: tedder
Tue Jan 10 09:09:17 -0800 2006
here is the link to the blurred circle, in case anyone is having trouble finding it.

From: Ravendark54
Thu Jan 26 18:06:33 -0800 2006
It appears google has updated their site and the white house is no longer sporting an erased rooftop.

From: mattallen
Tue Feb 28 09:17:54 -0800 2006
Does anyone know whay the roofs a no longer erased???

From: Ravendark54
Wed Mar 01 14:31:30 -0800 2006
probably 'cause they realized it was idiodic to do so. Its not like you can see the Secret service snipers up there...

Seriously If terrorists are gonna use sat maps to target places in the US gov't they're not gonna need Goole Earth, they'll have old (or current) Kremlin images.

From: Dude
Fri Jun 23 00:34:11 -0700 2006
At about the seventh line zoomed out with the white house at the center, does anyone else see the pentagram made by the roads with the white house at the bottom tip?

From: joestegmaier
Fri Jun 23 07:08:38 -0700 2006
I can see what you're looking at, but only if I tune out all the several other roads that interrupt the pattern. And ignore the missing western portion (Rhode Island Ave doesn't connect with K St). And the whole thing looks kind of squashed to me. Hmmm, broken and squashed. Sounds like a pentagram that got run over by a truck... :-)

From: TampaGeek
Thu Mar 08 03:24:51 -0800 2007
Not a pentagram really, but I believe it represents the Square and Compass of the Freemasons; the original layout design of DC was done by Pierre L'Enfant, who was a Freemason (as were a good number of the Founding Fathers of the US).

From: joestegmaier
Thu Mar 08 05:33:28 -0800 2007
I don't really see the Mason symbol, partly because there don't seem to be any right angles in the correct spots. (And those would be essential to the "square" part.) It may just be a funny almost-coincedence, sort of like the "face" on Mars.

From: Epiphone
Fri Mar 09 00:56:05 -0800 2007
Yeah there are many websites covering this layout.

From: sean1061
Sun Oct 28 03:19:43 -0700 2007
LOL, I was able to find even more interesting things. Armed with Google maps,… I decided to go on spy mission around the world. I was able to find: Concorde starting from Heathrow Airport in London, three aircraft carriers and battleship parked in Norfolk VA Naval Base, nuclear subs in New London CT , and Polish Naval base in Gdynia-Oksywie, fighter planes parked at Otis Air Base on Cape Code MA,… and nuclear missile silo in the same military complex – OMG,… that’s less than 50 miles from me!!! :o In the map mode, look at NW corner of military complex of Camp Edwards Army Nation Guard (same complex as Otis AFB), for dead-end road shaped in mirror-like view of letter “G”. Switching to satellite view will expose triangular shape with curving line leading N inside letter “G”. Zooming on triangular shape, will reveal, familiar, known from TV shape of lunching pad of nuke’s silo. I wasn’t (most the pity) able to find any Ruskies or Chinese nukes,… yet,… boys always seem to have tendency to hide things. :( If you happen to be in possession of secret military intelligence where to look for them post here. We nail them with Google map!

From: libdem1933
Sun Mar 22 02:14:53 -0700 2009
Just below the OVAL OFFICE, there is a light blue rectangle, is this the Tennis court/rollaway BASKETBALL court area ?.
Where would the VICTORY GARDEN be ?.
I think the SWINGSET is just outside the OVAL OFFICE ?.

From: you_dont.know_me
Sun Mar 22 10:29:26 -0700 2009
Sean1061, at Camp Edwards the only thing close to your description I found is a radar installation.

From: RochRoyal.
Fri Dec 07 09:59:59 -0800 2012
Lol, I'm sure part of the reason they blocked this out is because the aeriel view of the surrounding architecture makes out the face of the head of Baphomet.

Don't believe me? See for yourself.

Look at this picture;

Then go on Google Earth and type in The White House. When it loads, zoom out just a little...


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