Villa Certosa - Berlusconi's house
with amphiteathre and remote control waterfall

From: tengu
Tue May 16 07:24:59 -0700 2006
In this picture you can see the Silvio Berlusconi's villa XIV legislature premier of Italy, with amphitheater, submarine's parking and hill of lord.

A little, big lord of Italy, and of the world tomorrow.

From: agamennone
Sat Jun 20 12:55:20 -0700 2009
berlusconi is not a new lord....he is a little bourgois---
if Google would close its servers is a bed thing for the freedom of the world. If finivest. the televisions of berlusconi turn off...does' no matter. Mhurdoch is no socialist but he is intelligent....berlusconi is nothing...only....caviar sheet....merda di storione


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